We have some wonderful roller coasters here in Western New York. It is hard to feel that this just one has been all-around for 33 years.

Does this image glance familiar? If you’ve been all over Western New York for a few years, you might identify this photograph of Lake Darien. It is an impression of the building of just one of its most legendary roller coasters.

When was The Predator created?

The Predator was crafted in 1990 and is the only picket roller coaster at 6 Flags Lake Darien. In its description, they say it reaches 50 miles for every hour and has a best peak of 95 feet. It also has the tallest wood roller coaster in New York State.

Now, they connect with it a hybrid roller coaster mainly because it was transformed into a wood roller coaster with a metal monitor. A smoother trip was to be experienced.

How clean is the ride in the Predator?

If you happen to be on the lookout for a easy journey, this in all probability isn’t really the mountain for you. You may perhaps want to routine some time with your chiropractor immediately after your journey. It is really bumpy and shaky, and seriously makes you sense like it truly is completely out of control. Now, when you browse this, you are saying, “why on earth would I want to journey this?” The remedy is that it really is a large hurry.

Acquire a trip on the predator

Want to see what it is really like to take a journey… without having truly finding on it? The journey by itself only will take about a moment and a half from the time you listen to it release until eventually they return to the loading/unloading space.

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