“Even in the 80’s, it’s enough for a truck full of equipment to come off.”

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Put the lid on your coffee, grab the wheel at 10 and 2 and warn the kids.

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“Wait! We’re catching up!”

This is the twice-a-day ritual for highway 7 commuters as they approach the famous Cavanagh Bump, the Highway 7 launch pad or simply The Bump.

Located between the Dwyer Hill and Hazeldean road exits, The Bump affects both directions of the twin highway as it crosses a drainage culvert in a shallow swampy area west of the Cavanagh Construction Quarry. A perennial problem, The Bump has worsened this spring, forcing highway maintenance teams to install a temporary reduction in the orange speed that reduces the limit from 100 km / h to 80 km / h because an unsuspecting driver is thrown into the stratosphere.

“We can take a second to talk about the GIANT bony (launch pad) enabled Road 7 west, just east of Carleton Place? tweeted Kyle Smith, a resident of Picton, Ontario, who visits Ottawa regularly on business. “The speed limit drops to 80 km / h, but almost without warning. I took it on time, but one Honda Civic and two Ford SUVs weren’t so lucky and they took some serious air. “

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On a Carleton Place Facebook page, The Bump draws a lot of comments, from aspiring Dukes of Hazzard drivers looking to hang out to parents giving cheap emotions to their kids.

“Bwah ha ha ha,” one mother wrote. “I love it. There’s nothing better than getting my kids who are too busy with their devices to notice and then … Blame it! Bony! Screams everywhere! “

“Honestly, it’s the only way I can encourage my kids to go to Costco,” wrote another. “We mention The Bump and they charge without arguing.”

Another compared it to “a little Russian roulette on the morning trip.”

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“When I have my kids with me, I ask them to raise their hands as if we were on a roller coaster,” one father wrote on Reddit. “They’re about 20 years old!”

“The creepy part is that you get a little complacent when you see a sign of slowing down,” Smith said in an interview. “They put them on for anything, so you see one and you don’t think about it much.

“But the signs are in no way adequate for the blow that is taking place. Even at 80, it’s enough for a truck full of equipment to come off. We’ve blown things up … and that was in the 80’s! “

Chantal Potvin, a resident of Carleton Place, agrees that the signage is “unfortunately inadequate.”

“You know you have to slow down for some reason, but there’s no way to prepare for that blow,” Potvin said. Signage is a joke. This is not a blow. It is a dangerous part of the road. My husband’s car is low and if he doesn’t slow down, he’ll scratch it. “

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Potvin said he once hit his head on the roof when he forgot about The Bump and before the speed bumps were in place.

There must be a big illuminated sign that says there is a future and slow down for safety, “he said.

When the traffic is heavy, drivers see the glow of the flashing brake lights as the vehicles in front brake frantically before hitting The Bump.

The Ministry of Transport said that The Bump is the result of a ring road.

MTO began monitoring a small blow to the pavement at this site in the late fall of 2021. The small blow became a more serious problem recently, “the ministry said in an email.

The Ministry’s geotechnical staff is currently conducting field research in and around this raised pavement to determine the cause of the elevation and will recommend solutions for the rehabilitation or repair of this stretch of pavement.

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“To ensure the safety of the traveling public, the ministry has installed a speed reduction warning sign and advice.

“In addition, the ministry is preparing an interim repair strategy to reduce the size of the raised pavement until a more permanent solution can be determined. This work will be done in late spring or early summer.”

Until then, drivers will have to be careful or not.

“I LOVE IT!!!” a contributor wrote on the Carleton Place Facebook page. “For just a second in my day, I feel like I’m in an action movie when I take that hump at full speed! The little pleasures of life, you know!”

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