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(1:27) Who should really choose the magic proper? 1? | With Kevin Clark
(13:33) Ideal out of the top 4 | With Kevin O’Connor
(26:21) 2023 NBA Betting Odds | With Raheem Palmer
(41:01) What should the Knicks do? | With John Jastremski
(54:32) Really should Jazz Make a Change? | With Wosny Lambre

Host: Invoice Simmons
Guests: Kevin Clark, Kevin O’Connor, Raheem Palmer, John Jastremski and Wosny Lambre Producer: Kyle Crichton

Section 2

(1:51) Will Daryl Morey and the 76ers make a improve? | With Chris Ryan
(15:42) What do we count on from the Wizards and Bradley Beal? | With Joe House
(28:55) What are the industrial property of Nuggets and Heat? | With Rob Mahoney
(42:26) Favored fins in the draft | With J. Kyle Mann
(56:06) What is the Warriors title window and can they extend it? | With Seerat Sohi
(1:09:40) Reward: What is actually up with Kyrie Irving and the Nets? | With Van Lathan

Host: Monthly bill Simmons
Attendees: Chris Ryan, Joe Household, Rob Mahoney, J. Kyle Mann, Seerat Sohi and Van Lathan
Producer: Kyle Crichton

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